App Barf!!!

As I sit here at work, at 3:58 AM PST, I have done all my work and await the morning shift to arrive. I have been going through the Apple app store and found a few apps that really serve no purpose, for example take “SnapChat” the social media app that enables the user to send a quick snippet of their experience to a friend, but the catch is the fact that when the photo is viewed it disappears in mere seconds. OK, so let me just say, this is a bunch of B.S. (by the way this post is due to a coffee fueled morning brain rush). Or lets see what other app there is like, oh, I don’t know. Take “Banjo”, this app supposedly is bringing the worlds events to our mobile devices, but if you really dig into this app it is not even an innovative concept because it is merely filtering public posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Plus, there appears to have really bad reviews and the content for this app is always the same.




Then there is this app called the “Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards”, I mean come on developers, take a realistic look at what you are designing.

Some of these apps are not even free, you actually have to purchase them in order to use them, but if you are not satisfied then you are out a dollar ( which is no big deal ).


I will be starting a piece on App’s, as I believe it would be nice to inform users of apps and what they are all about.

Thanks for reading.