Computers – Samsung Ultrabook the equal to Apple Mac Air

Technology is an essential part of a daily routine that enables individuals to function in a world dominated by machines. Essentially all machines are the same, they have a CPU, Operating System, power supply, and peripherals. However, there are suttle differences in technology that make one product better or equal to the next. In essence when you hear the title “Ultrabook” it may or may not suggest a better product that has no equal but just the same as its rival.

Marketing plays an essential role when it comes to displaying a product for consumers to drool over, essentially the Ultrabook is equal to a MacBook Air. Which entails some of the operating conditions like Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processors, a fast SSD (Solid State Drive), with the addition of the USB 3.0 connections for rapid file transfers. Since there are many manufactures with various products out on the market, it can become an overly confusing taks of finding the right laptop.

If you are considering a MacBook Air, but don’t like Apple’s iOS. Then consider the Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D, which runs windows 7 and now Windows 8. I will be testing out this machine and will be updating this document on a regular basis. My goal is to give, you the reader, the benefit of the doubt that going Apple is not the only way to experience a superior product. There are other equally impressive products out there that rival or surpass Apple.

Update 12/22/2013

Just purchased the Samsung Series 9, will be taking it for a test drive and will follow up with any updates once I get a feel of the machine.

Adding additional information as I gather it, to be as correct as possible with my information….