Google ups the ante on email encryption


Google (S GOOG) unveiled a new security tool for email encryption Tuesday called End-to-End, as well as a new section to the company’s Transparency Report that details which email providers are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that email is being encrypted in the open web.

The new tool, still in its alpha stage, is a plug-in for Chrome that works by encrypting the email sent between two parties and leaving it encrypted until a user actively decrypts the message in his or her browser. While there are other tools out there that do similar functions, such as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and GnuPG, Google claims that those tools are more complex than the average person can handle.

While Google said that online security “has always been a top priority,” it’s interesting to note that this service seems catered to folks who are generally nervous about email and feel…

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The New iOS and Android Apps Have Arrived!

Finally, I can access my wordpress blog via my newly purchased iPhone 5s. Yay!

The Blog

More and more of us are blogging from our mobile devices. Today, we’re thrilled to announce new versions of the WordPress mobile apps for Android and iOS. Here are some of the new versions’ highlights.


WordPress for iOS 3.9

The latest WordPress for iOS update is one of our largest app releases to date. This update is remarkable both for the significant changes we’ve introduced, and for the level of dedication it received from our hard-working team members.

Version 3.9 includes a major visual redesign of the app. We decided to drop the sidebar navigation and embrace a tab bar-based layout. The app’s new design allowed us to add numerous visual improvements throughout, including revamped and enhanced Reader, Comments, and Notifications sections. We also created a seamless inline commenting experience to make it easier for you to engage with the content you love. Finally, we made visual improvements to the…

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Widen Your Circle with Guest Bloggers

We could all use more friends for inspiration, help, insight, or just a friendly comment or reblog.

The Daily Post

Blogging isn’t just about publishing. It’s about sharing, commenting, and connecting. When we engage with one another, we strengthen the fabric that sustains the blogosphere and us as individual bloggers.

One way to both grow your blog and contribute to the community is with guest bloggers. More engagement? More readers? More conversation? Where do I sign up!? This week, we’ll talk about inviting guest bloggers into your online house; next week, we’ll look at how to find guest blogging opportunities for your writing.

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101 Books’ Robert Bruce on Growing Your Blog and Building a Readership

Thank you for sharing this.

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We know that growth and traffic are important to you, and you’re interested in ways to grow your blog and build your readership. Today, we’re thrilled to chat with Robert Bruce at 101 Books about the growth and evolution of his popular site and his insights and tips on blogging about books and reading.

Robert is a full-time writer living in Nashville, Tennessee, who originally created his blog to chronicle a big literary challenge: to read Time Magazine‘s top 100 English-speaking novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses). If you haven’t visited his site before, we’re happy to introduce him to you! 

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Photography 101: Shooting in Black and White

I have always been a fan of Black and White photography.

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Our last Photography 101 installment focused on color, so it’s only fitting that today we talk about black and white! If you’ve developed your own film in the darkroom, you know that working with black and white is a fun, rewarding experience. These days, many of you use digital cameras, so we’ll focus here on digital photography.

Over on The Gravel Ghost, photographer Merilee Mitchell wows us with her moody and evocative black and white images and photo stories: she captures vast desert landscapes, particularly in Death Valley and around California. In this post, she talks about her passion for black and white photography — and the power of telling stories in monochrome.

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Social Media, clean up your friend list.

I get it, being social is part of being human, it is in our nature to be friendly, kind, and respectful to those around us and to strangers. Although, today technology allows friends, family, and coworkers the ability to stay in touch through social media outlets that enable the thirst of gossip from the convenience of our own mobile devices. We have become lazy in the way that we prefer to send a text or an e-mail rather than speaking or confronting our enemy. I’ve seen this, people spill their feelings and emotions onto the web as if they were confiding in their best friend to keep a secret.

But when is it too much, I once had a Facebook account, from which I was practically bullied into signing up into it because it was the thing to do at the time. I had friends and they added me I commented and followed their updates, like-ing and re-posting their garbled thoughts and emotions. But when I posted something interesting or educational, it was never even commented, liked, or even re-posted. At first I kept saying to myself, maybe people are just busy, my friends are just not online at the time. Maybe I was a bit naive and a little on the denial side of things. See my friends were never my friends, they just added or accepted me because I used to work for an entertainment company, and most people I new where connected in one way or another with the nightlife, or my ex.

But now that I have unplugged myself from the selfishness that is Facebook, I am able to see things from a different perspective. Social media is not just about posting things, latest gadget you just bought or work related content. But rather, social media should be used in a way that engages your audience from a personal level. Some of us have actually taken the social media outlet and transformed it into a social hub for friends, strangers, and family.

What my point is here, is to address the fact that people use social media for the wrong reasons. I say use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and what ever else, but use it for the pleasure of expressing yourself in ways that make you the individual. Engage your readers and “pookers” for an awesome ride of who you really are. Basically, “Live daily by the rhythm of your own music”.

Honestly, take a look at your friend list, Tell yourself are they really my friends or just an online connection with no meaning but a link!