The Gender Bender

Before you fully read this post, keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I am not judging, taking sides, or pushing any the information. But we should be aware of the realities of our world and who shares our spaces no matter their gender, socio-economic status, beauty, gender, sexual preference, or religion and opinion. Having said that, please be respectful, opened minded, and courteous to those around your.

So we are all aware of the fact that people like to dress as the opposite of their gender. I have no personal problem with it, but I do believe that it should be made aware of the fact that as a society it is not encouraged or talked about. Why is gender bending such a taboo? Its part of our history.

Through out history there have been characters that have engulfed our lives in one way or another. From Shakespearean actors trying to secure a role in a play, Chavalier D’Eon, Charles Genevieve Louis Auguste Andre-Timothee D’Eon De Baumont (1728-1810), the French diplomat who was an expressive lifelong transvestite, Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury, Later Third Earl Of Clarendon (1661–1723) who was the governor of the royal provinces of New York and New Jersey from 1702–1708

Then, in films like; In Tootsie (1982), Morrocco (1930), Madam Butterfly, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Divine,

Also, Iconic figures like Amanda Lepore, K.D. Lang, Milton Berle, Candy Darling, Claude Cahun, Anne Bonny And Mary Read (Early 1700s)


Change is a natural process that occurs even in nature, is gender bending a predicative of how nature intended human beings to be from the beginning. There is a change coming along that we should take notice of. Advertising has a huge impact on how genders play their role in advertising. For instance back in the 1950’s, advertising was segregated into sections, minorities, women, and men. Now modern times have expressed the public with salty figures that portray genders in ways that make us clock those figures twice, if not a third time. Clothing brands are have a huge impact on how the public associates the changes in our society, American Apparel, The New Yorker,  YouTube, The Gender Ads Project, Candy Magazine, and so many more.

To be continued…..! please post any comments, insights, or ideas and rants. Tell me what you think?



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