Leap Motion grows up with applications in augmented reality and physical therapy

This is really cool.


When the Leap Motion controller came out last summer, my colleague Stacey Higginbotham was somewhat skeptical. It was lacking in compelling apps and sometimes difficult to use.

But the nine startups that pitched at the AXLR8R demo day in San Francisco Friday were proof that there are a lot of niche applications brewing that make better use of Leap Motion’s abilities than gaming or consuming news. It can be a hands-free tool for surgeons or a translation tool for sign language users.

“We always view our role as a platform enabling people, enabling developers to build something that would not have been possible before,” Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald said at the event.

Photo by Signe Brewster. Photo by Signe Brewster.

The question is whether it can compete with technologies like Google Glass and Meta’s augmented reality glasses, both of which could be used for many of the same applications. However, some of the…

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Déjà vu: Should You Recycle Old Posts?

Why not recycle old post, what we contribute or write is wisdom that we can either learn from our past.

The Daily Post

You might have noticed that we here at The Daily Post have been reposting from our archives on Saturdays. And if you have, what are you doing? Go outside and play already, it’s Saturday!

Just kidding. But it brings up an interesting question: have you ever reposted older content? Should you?

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