The Car That Runs On Air | Popular Science

A car that runs on AIR.

Air is an abundant renewable resource, but can it be harvested to power  our vehicles? Well it is actually possible, two French engineers from a French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen made it possible to bring the gasoline engine and the hydraulics together.

The Car That Runs On Air | Popular Science.


Solar-Powered Plane Embarks Across The U.S. | Popular Science

What do you say about having the government running around up there? Well there is a solar powered drone that is running around US sky’s there is a plus and a negative side to this, Popular Science magazine recently put out an article describing a drone that can stay up in the sky for 5 years. The essence for this drone is to monitor the sky’s for weather conditions, animal migrations, and contraband smuggling. I like this article because it allows science to express and expand on to newer horizons while applying solar technology to better use. It is a great concept and it gives us the ability to expand further on to ways that can help the environment as well as the population.

But what do you think? can we really take control of what is going on our backyards while the government adheres to public privacy?

Solar-Powered Plane Embarks Across The U.S. | Popular Science.