Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

This is an interesting topic, by which I would like to share my two cents.

The newest generation (which ever you are?), I ask two simply questions:

1. Why are you dressed like that? (mismatched garments, un-tailored clothing, and greasing messed up hair.
2. What is wrong with you, pay attention? (learn to drive, unplug from the internet, phones, and social media)

Or maybe I’m at the verge of “possibly” following in my parents foot steps, can anyone say, “Conservative”…..??

I accept any input or criticism! Thanks in advance.


The New iOS and Android Apps Have Arrived!

Finally, I can access my wordpress blog via my newly purchased iPhone 5s. Yay!

The WordPress.com Blog

More and more of us are blogging from our mobile devices. Today, we’re thrilled to announce new versions of the WordPress mobile apps for Android and iOS. Here are some of the new versions’ highlights.


WordPress for iOS 3.9

The latest WordPress for iOS update is one of our largest app releases to date. This update is remarkable both for the significant changes we’ve introduced, and for the level of dedication it received from our hard-working team members.

Version 3.9 includes a major visual redesign of the app. We decided to drop the sidebar navigation and embrace a tab bar-based layout. The app’s new design allowed us to add numerous visual improvements throughout, including revamped and enhanced Reader, Comments, and Notifications sections. We also created a seamless inline commenting experience to make it easier for you to engage with the content you love. Finally, we made visual improvements to the…

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New Themes: Outspoken, Studio, Sorbet, Ampersand

Thanks for sharing this!

The WordPress.com Blog

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Let’s jump right in and say “Hello!” to four awesome new themes.


Outspoken by WPShowerOutspoken, by new seller WPShower, is a premium magazine theme with loads of customizable features. Multiple front page configuration options allow you to tailor the presentation to your liking, while generous featured images let your visual content stand out.


Studio by Pixel UnionStudio is a new, minimal, grid-based portfolio theme by Pixel Union, designed for photographers and curators. It’s simple, sleek, and powerfully flexible, pairing chiseled aesthetics with crystal-clear organization.


SorbetEnjoy a taste of Sorbet, a colorful, mouth-watering treat for your personal blog or website. Post formats highlight your best content, while secondary content remains tucked away in the header, allowing your posts to take center stage. If you’re seeking a fun, playful new look for your site, Sorbet is just the theme for you!


Ampersand by Okay ThemesAmpersand is a clean and…

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