Ever been to a “Flea Market”?

I miss those days when I was twelve, my father would take my younger brother and I to the San Jose Flea Market. We would walk every isle, stand to stand, eating hard candy or peeled cucumber in a cup. It was a sort of Sunday Father son outing which I cherished then, but I did not know it at the time.

Now that I am older, but no longer living in California. I miss those sunny California days of my youth and also the vast array of stands that would pop up every weekend.

Now that I live in Las Vegas, NV, I have visited and even bought a few things from the Broadacres Marketplace. Even though the name is fancy, it is still a “Flea Market” to me because it reminds me of my childhood and the assortment of color, smells, food, heritage, and memories long past. Although I do appreciate the effort that Broadacres brings to the Clark County scene, it still does not compare to the scene from back home.

So next time you pass a yard sale or an antique store, simply ask your self, “What memories can I recall, or what can I rememeber”.

via A day at Broadacres Marketplace: Luchador masks, a fruit called nanchi and more.


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