Ever been to a “Flea Market”?

I miss those days when I was twelve, my father would take my younger brother and I to the San Jose Flea Market. We would walk every isle, stand to stand, eating hard candy or peeled cucumber in a cup. It was a sort of Sunday Father son outing which I cherished then, but I did not know it at the time.

Now that I am older, but no longer living in California. I miss those sunny California days of my youth and also the vast array of stands that would pop up every weekend.

Now that I live in Las Vegas, NV, I have visited and even bought a few things from the Broadacres Marketplace. Even though the name is fancy, it is still a “Flea Market” to me because it reminds me of my childhood and the assortment of color, smells, food, heritage, and memories long past. Although I do appreciate the effort that Broadacres brings to the Clark County scene, it still does not compare to the scene from back home.

So next time you pass a yard sale or an antique store, simply ask your self, “What memories can I recall, or what can I rememeber”.

via A day at Broadacres Marketplace: Luchador masks, a fruit called nanchi and more.


Lending a Yelp-ing hand? Some think the review website should be paying you

I recently read an interesting article that has proven my thoughts about Yelp, for those of you who do use or rely on Yelp reviews for all your personal business rating. Yelp can have its positive and negative effects on local and international businesses. For the small Mom and Pop’s business, Yelp is a harmful business insight-er

I hate yelp

 because it gives the wrong impression of a business to viewers simply from one bad review.  Read this article as it will give you an insight as to why you should think about what you review.

via Lending a Yelp-ing hand? Some think the review website should be paying you.