Nerd talk…! Would you understand?

When you listen to people speak, do you really understand what they are saying? Well how about when someone show is into math and science, would you understand what they are talking about? I bring this up because I recently won the 6th Season three disc set for “The Big Bang Theory”, this show has been my favorite since it first showed up a few years ago. At first I was interested in it because it was different, fresh, and witty when compared to the rest of the shows at the time. However, now that the show has gone viral, I like it even more because it is more than just a sitcom, but rather the show has transformed into a daily ritual for me. So I as, “Would you understand Nerd Talk?”

My answer; is no, I would not understand nerd talk to the full extent. However, I do understand bits and pieces of nerd talk simply because I am a geek myself that border lines between artsy and nerdy type. So I ask to you, don’t judge what you do not understand simply because you cannot relate to the conversation, but rather take into account that it is normal to be excluded form conversations from time to time.


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