“Seek out your …

“Seek out your own path, as your path will seek you” – Anonymous

Some people are made to stay and follow one path for whatever the reason, but I say seek out your path and make it your own. Failing is part of learning and learning gives us the ability to grow as individuals.


101 Books’ Robert Bruce on Growing Your Blog and Building a Readership

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We know that growth and traffic are important to you, and you’re interested in ways to grow your blog and build your readership. Today, we’re thrilled to chat with Robert Bruce at 101 Books about the growth and evolution of his popular site and his insights and tips on blogging about books and reading.

Robert is a full-time writer living in Nashville, Tennessee, who originally created his WordPress.com blog to chronicle a big literary challenge: to read Time Magazine‘s top 100 English-speaking novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses). If you haven’t visited his site before, we’re happy to introduce him to you! 

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