Halloween Fun, learn to appreciate Life.

Halloween Fun, learn to appreciate Life.

Halloween is a time when kids and adults join forces in getting their inner-inner child out for treats and fun. For children, this time of year marks the holiday season where relatives, family, and friends share their love of community and indulgence. For adults, this time of year marks the time for indulgence in wine, costumes, and scary treats. What better way to experience those fun times than by actually joining the party. Just about every city in the US celebrates Halloween, or the week-end before, by form of festival’s, rave’s, concert’s, fair’s, and theater. After-all, Fall marks the time for festivities to celebrate the Fall Harvest before winter sets in.

However, Halloween, Oct. 31, also marks the 28th birthday for my youngest brother, Miguel, or as we nick named him “Mike”. Although, it has been 15 years since his death, each year since his death, we light a white candle, besides his picture and set a small slice of cake or cupcake to celebrate his birthday.

So enjoy life, celebrate with your kids, have some harmless fun, and appreciate your family and friends. But keep in mind, some people believe Halloween is a dark and evil celebration, but for my family and myself, coming from a Hispanic American, Filipino nationality Halloween or Day of the dead is a joyful celebration that marks the remembrance for our deceased family members. Not to be confused or associated with witchcraft, satanic rituals, or dark spiritual connections.

Please people have an open mind and explore your surroundings, respect cultures and nationality, never judge someone through their religion or political believes or their sexual preference.

Have a safe and spooky, HALLOWEEN!!!


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