Cant sleep? Try drinking TEA!

Sleep is always important, it brings a peace of mind, relaxation, and rejuvenation for our everyday activities. But not everyone can sleep a full 8 hours, that’s fine, our bodies are unique in the sense that we as individuals have unique sleeping patterns.

One way to sub come to a natural sleeping cycle is through TEA. Yes, I said it “Tea”, it is a natural way to facilitate sleep for any individual. My favorite Tea is called “Linden Tea”.

Remedy for Fevers

  • The Linden Blossom enables the flavonoids to help reduce fevers, coughs and colds, stimulate the appetite, and relieve insomnia.
  • Calms anxiety and help alleviate indigestion, irregular heartbeat, and vomiting related to stress.
  • Helps with restoring the liver, linden tea is a powerful sedative in restoring the liver. Many countries, especially in Asia, Central America, and South America, use the tea as a Liver restorer caused by over medication and drinking fatigue. Linden is said to effectively decongest and restore the liver to a healthy state.

Go to your nearest supermarket, health store, and even your local farmers market, try replacing your daily drink with a tea of your choice.


Starting out!

The way to begin anything is to think about the way you want to make yourself feel, and how you want to express yourself to the public or private audience. We all seem to loose our way sometime between our adolescence and even in our thirties when things just seem to weary to focus on or even care enough for. But what makes a successful person so successful? I don’t have the answer, I can say however, is the driven part. Any person has the ability to drive themselves to do things that others simply cannot. However, with success-fullness comes limitations, mainly because life is full of decisions and compromises, short falls and triumphs.