Social Media, clean up your friend list.

I get it, being social is part of being human, it is in our nature to be friendly, kind, and respectful to those around us and to strangers. Although, today technology allows friends, family, and coworkers the ability to stay in touch through social media outlets that enable the thirst of gossip from the convenience of our own mobile devices. We have become lazy in the way that we prefer to send a text or an e-mail rather than speaking or confronting our enemy. I’ve seen this, people spill their feelings and emotions onto the web as if they were confiding in their best friend to keep a secret.

But when is it too much, I once had a Facebook account, from which I was practically bullied into signing up into it because it was the thing to do at the time. I had friends and they added me I commented and followed their updates, like-ing and re-posting their garbled thoughts and emotions. But when I posted something interesting or educational, it was never even commented, liked, or even re-posted. At first I kept saying to myself, maybe people are just busy, my friends are just not online at the time. Maybe I was a bit naive and a little on the denial side of things. See my friends were never my friends, they just added or accepted me because I used to work for an entertainment company, and most people I new where connected in one way or another with the nightlife, or my ex.

But now that I have unplugged myself from the selfishness that is Facebook, I am able to see things from a different perspective. Social media is not just about posting things, latest gadget you just bought or work related content. But rather, social media should be used in a way that engages your audience from a personal level. Some of us have actually taken the social media outlet and transformed it into a social hub for friends, strangers, and family.

What my point is here, is to address the fact that people use social media for the wrong reasons. I say use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and what ever else, but use it for the pleasure of expressing yourself in ways that make you the individual. Engage your readers and “pookers” for an awesome ride of who you really are. Basically, “Live daily by the rhythm of your own music”.

Honestly, take a look at your friend list, Tell yourself are they really my friends or just an online connection with no meaning but a link!


Halloween Fun, learn to appreciate Life.

Halloween Fun, learn to appreciate Life.

Halloween is a time when kids and adults join forces in getting their inner-inner child out for treats and fun. For children, this time of year marks the holiday season where relatives, family, and friends share their love of community and indulgence. For adults, this time of year marks the time for indulgence in wine, costumes, and scary treats. What better way to experience those fun times than by actually joining the party. Just about every city in the US celebrates Halloween, or the week-end before, by form of festival’s, rave’s, concert’s, fair’s, and theater. After-all, Fall marks the time for festivities to celebrate the Fall Harvest before winter sets in.

However, Halloween, Oct. 31, also marks the 28th birthday for my youngest brother, Miguel, or as we nick named him “Mike”. Although, it has been 15 years since his death, each year since his death, we light a white candle, besides his picture and set a small slice of cake or cupcake to celebrate his birthday.

So enjoy life, celebrate with your kids, have some harmless fun, and appreciate your family and friends. But keep in mind, some people believe Halloween is a dark and evil celebration, but for my family and myself, coming from a Hispanic American, Filipino nationality Halloween or Day of the dead is a joyful celebration that marks the remembrance for our deceased family members. Not to be confused or associated with witchcraft, satanic rituals, or dark spiritual connections.

Please people have an open mind and explore your surroundings, respect cultures and nationality, never judge someone through their religion or political believes or their sexual preference.

Have a safe and spooky, HALLOWEEN!!!

Curb your diet!

An easy way to loose weight is to limit your intake of Dairy products. Although dairy provides a beneficial way for our bodies to absorb calcium. It however, can also cause people to gain weight, regardless if you are lactose intolerant or not.

Seek alternatives like Almond milk, Soy milk, Rice milk, and even Goat milk are a great source for substituting your Dairy intake.

Cant sleep? Try drinking TEA!

Sleep is always important, it brings a peace of mind, relaxation, and rejuvenation for our everyday activities. But not everyone can sleep a full 8 hours, that’s fine, our bodies are unique in the sense that we as individuals have unique sleeping patterns.

One way to sub come to a natural sleeping cycle is through TEA. Yes, I said it “Tea”, it is a natural way to facilitate sleep for any individual. My favorite Tea is called “Linden Tea”.

Remedy for Fevers

  • The Linden Blossom enables the flavonoids to help reduce fevers, coughs and colds, stimulate the appetite, and relieve insomnia.
  • Calms anxiety and help alleviate indigestion, irregular heartbeat, and vomiting related to stress.
  • Helps with restoring the liver, linden tea is a powerful sedative in restoring the liver. Many countries, especially in Asia, Central America, and South America, use the tea as a Liver restorer caused by over medication and drinking fatigue. Linden is said to effectively decongest and restore the liver to a healthy state.

Go to your nearest supermarket, health store, and even your local farmers market, try replacing your daily drink with a tea of your choice.

Starting out!

The way to begin anything is to think about the way you want to make yourself feel, and how you want to express yourself to the public or private audience. We all seem to loose our way sometime between our adolescence and even in our thirties when things just seem to weary to focus on or even care enough for. But what makes a successful person so successful? I don’t have the answer, I can say however, is the driven part. Any person has the ability to drive themselves to do things that others simply cannot. However, with success-fullness comes limitations, mainly because life is full of decisions and compromises, short falls and triumphs.